The Chinese New Year of this year is sooooo damn boring
Can't even feel it !
The 1st day of CNY

Me, my sister and my cousin~
All didn't have any activities
So, we decided to hang out together

We had our breakfast at K3K
After that, I planned to go to Sunway to buy my CNY clothes!!
Because I just bought some clothing

But, the 1st day of CNY
How many shop that we suppose there will open for us?
Haha~ It's kinda funny

Therefore, we changed to go to Thean Hou Temple for pray.

Haha~ When I looked back the photo,
Only realized why am I holding a stick?!!
Nooooo! The red line packet is only what I wanted to touch !!
I quickly walked back and touched it with my cousin. *silly*

After that, we went to midvelly to have a walk
Then, planned to sing k
And drove to Neway @leisuremall

The end of the day.

2nd day of CNY
Hang out with him

And I spent the rest of CNY @Kelantan with family !!
Argh !! It just wasted my time !
Boring there !
But I can't don't go !
Because my mom doesn't let I stay at home alone.
What a sad I just can followed~~~~~

And yesterday,
Hang out with friends to visit their homes
Greating, angpao, and gamble~ haha~

Lastly, time to meet my boy =D
Yes. I want to have a digital watch !
So we went to Fahrenheit 88.

Aww~~ Thankyou!! Mmuuaacckkzz.

Actually I wanted to get a red one.
But so sad, it OUT OF STOCK !!
Erghhh !
But Pink nice also :):)

The first gift from you. Thanks a lot :)

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  1. har?we taught u style not suit digital watch tim...so not dare choose 2 u..